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The Servants of Charity


Divine Providence Province

Human Life is a Celebration!!

Fr. Soosai Rathinam, an Indian priest, wearing celebratory liturgical vestments processes into the church for Saccred Ordination of ten deacons.September 8th we celebrate the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The birth of a child is a joyful event in the family. Blessed Mary, in a special way, is a gift to all of us because millions of people, Catholics as well other religious backgrounds, rejoice and cherish the tender love and protective hands of Mamma Mary.
The Divine Providence Province is blessed with the arrival of 10 newly ordained “Good Shepherds.” We felt a grave responsibility of shepherding, processing around for the first thanksgiving Masses: In 1 Peter 5, 1-4, the author of the letter reminds us to watch over the flock as though it were God watching over it. Let the fragrance of Christ fill the new priests with the fruit of the Holy Spirit so that they smell the perfume of the flowers of patience, love and joy, from the peace in His heart, from His gentleness, generosity, humility and fidelity. Our Blessed Mother’s greatness is from within, not an exterior sign and, for her, “Jesus is the sun and she is only the dawn that announces His rising. New priests, shake off complacency and be a “living image” of Jesus Christ!
In the amended article of Cons. 64 under the title “care for human life and for the integrity of creation,” we read “aware of such great dignity we proclaim and spread the Gospel of Life and promote a culture that protects the sacredness of the human person….from conception to natural death. We are called to cooperate with God in bringing forth a culture of life. Human life is not a commodity, but a precious gift from God. Human life is a gift, a great gift so we are called to take care of ourselves by eating right, staying active and fit, keeping our minds alert, engaging in meaningful conversation.”
St. Louis Guanella was very particular in developing his apostolate in the defense of life by incarnating the Gospel into life in reducing suffering and empowering human dignity, caring for the integral uplifting of the poorest. We, as Guanellians, become Sacrament to the poor by radiating the heart of the Good Samaritan through our distinctive mission.

Fr. Soosai Rathinam, SdC