The Servants of Charity - Founded by Father Louis Gaunella]

The Servants of Charity


Divine Providence Province

“Total Giving”- Sum Total of God’s Existence!

Fr. Soosai Rathinam, an Indian priest, wearing a white cassock listens to an Indian nun who is wearing a gray habit address a meeting.
The state of ‘giving’ comes from the very nature of God who is ‘totally giving’. His self revelation in history is a giving; the Incarnation of the Son Himself is a visible gesture. We are going to celebrate the World Day of Consecrated Life while we commemorate the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, also known as ‘Candlemas,’ and our call to religious living is a call to give oneself totally. It’s a total, progressive and unconditional giving. In a special manner, called to be a Servant of Charity means called to participate and involve oneself in the charism of ‘giving’ without reserve or counting the cost following the example of Father Guanella.
To whom/what/how is our giving focused?
Giving to God: God himself is the primary person to whom our giving is directed. It is from Him that we have received everything and it is natural that everything we have is given to Him. This spirit is the ‘sum total’ of God’s existence. Therefore a religious is a constant giver to the one who created him and gave him life to live fully in this world giving to God with humility and gratitude.
Giving to the Congregation: It is the religious Congregation that re-forms and re-generates a religious. Like a mother, our Congregation/Province has given us every spiritual as well as material provision and nourished us in one’s own growth and commitment. Therefore, giving our Congregation our passionate belongingness and availability for the service of the congregation, missions and development works are areas of our giving. Giving to the Congregation with joy and without sadness.
Giving to the ‘suffering masses’: This year, for the 23rd World Day of the Sick, our Holy Father invites us to reflect on a phrase from the Book of Job, “I was eyes to the blind, and feet to the lame” ( Job 20:15 ). The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan immersed Him in the life-struggles of His people and this immersion made Him the ‘beloved Son’ of the Father. Consequently, giving implies a privileged option for the poor and makes us give our best service with closeness and affection; helping them to feel more loved and comforted. Giving means going forth from ourselves towards the impoverished with compassion and commitment.

Fr. Soosai Rathinam, SdC